Everyone has a story…


There are several chapters in my life that can relate to many of you…

People can often find it easy to share the wins, achievements and awards when describing who they are and why you should work with them. I’m not here to “win” you over. I’m here to help YOU win.

From growing up with child abuse then facing sexual assault several times, having to fight suicide since age 5, depression and anxiety through high school, I questioned if I was going to live to age 18. After trying to find love in various long-term relationships, changing my circle of friends to find the “right” crowd, moving and changing jobs to find “stability”, I became physically ill. I was burnt out from saying yes when I wanted to say no, becoming too bossy and feeling the extreme ups and downs from my passion for pairing wine and cooking at various restaurants. I left on a quest to understand myself more and how I could really help people. I found myself traveling around the world asking myself the question I had tried so long to avoid, “What is my purpose?”. I realized quickly why everything happened to me and how I had to help others overcome what I understood so well. I found stability. I found health and most important, I found myself out of depression and into self-love. With the various understandings that helped me to succeed, from mind, body and spirit, I come here to share how to survive, heal and thrive with you.

My Journey as a Coach

From producing over 40 events and coaching entrepreneurs, people in the medical field, culinary industry, teachers and athletes, I bring a unique blend of information that excels one’s understanding of themselves and their relationships on a deep level, impacting their physical, mental and spiritual health. Helping people understand their greatest potential that they never knew could be a reality is one of my favorite things to do. Helping people gain clarity on how to divert their energy through stress management and spiritual psychology is part of my expertise.

If you’ve tried therapists, psychologists or counselors and haven’t gotten anywhere, I may be able to help you breakthrough.

Your experience matters to me.

Well over $20k spent in my own personal healing in educational courses, books, videos, self-taught through experiences, and hiring coaches, doctors, seers, I found within myself something I had never found in others- the ability to read and help people really understand how to identify and overcome mental obstacles naturally.

The result is life-changing and self-sustaining.

The price is competitively affordable to most coaches. The length is shorter in term and closer by relationship compared to psychologists and therapist visits.

The impact breaches to all surrounded by the individual I coach and especially the people they end up helping after our program is done. So, it is not just about saying yes to healing you, you’re saying yes to the impact of it effecting everyone around you. It is the positive ripple effect that everyone seems to be grateful for.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours and what are you destined to experience?