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Don’t Just Live, Thrive


There’s more to you than you know…

Regardless of what you’ve been through, no matter where you are in life, you’re alive for a reason.

Whether you’re feeling depressed, lost or excited about the future, I can help you identify and overcome your obstacles and understand that you have so much to offer the world.

Let’s work together and I’ll empower you to be the best you can be to get to where you want to go faster through Holistic Life Coaching.

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As your Holistic Life Coach, I can help you identify and overcome obstacles through the concept of mind, body & spirit.

I’ve overcome many of life’s obstacles including sexual, drug, mental and child abuse, along with health, social and economic issues which has allowed me to help hundreds of people.

What you’ll learn working with me, you’ll have forever in your tools to access. Learn what it’s like to work together.

One conversation can change your life.

Coaching You with a Holistic Approach

Holistic: whole; the concept of taking care of the mind, body and soul.


  • Manage or Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression

  • Understand & Recover from Triggers & Trauma

  • Have Healthier Relationships


  • Love Your Body

  • Get Better Quality of Sleep

  • Become Healthier, Stronger and More Beautiful through Diet & Fitness


  • Identify & Strengthen Your Skills & Psychic Gifts

  • Understand and Live Your Life with Purpose

  • Make Money While Being a Positive Influence


True Stories

Ambassador Leonard.png

“Working with Brandi both personally and professionally has brought more clarity into my life. To be able to see beyond fear and doubt as well as identifying my why. I could not have asked for a better person to work with. She shows nothing but passion and compassion in what she does. She will always be dear to my heart and a friend forever. Mahalo nui loa Brandi for all that you have done and will do.”

Leonard Keao, IT Consultant

Ambassador Brittney.png

“The best of the best athletes have coaches. Even Michael Jordan had a coach! I’m no Michael Jordan, but at a time where I needed new direction I discovered Brandi. Her compassionate empathic abilities paired with a wealth of knowledge played a huge role in guiding me to shift perceptions that allowed miraculous change into my life. I call her an earth angel because she has allowed me to reflect on my natural gifts and live a more purposeful life.”

Brittney Higuchi, Civil Engineer

Ambassador Michael.png

“Brandi puts her mind, heart and soul into each ONE of our SESSIONS. She has helped me move forward in my personal and overall life by creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. Highly recommended to anyone that needs that extra push in life for greater purpose.”

Michael-Vitally Vernon Champion Athlete, Fitness Coach and Model, Philanthropist


Your experience matters to me.

I found within myself something I had never found in others (therapists, doctors, etc.) is the ability to read people and help them understand how to identify and overcome their mental obstacles naturally (without drugs or manipulation).

The result is life-changing and self-sustaining.

The price range depends on how often and how long we work together. This depends on your goals and the amount of time you’d like to spend working on them together.

Therapists and doctors see at least 15 clients per day. The more people you see, the less focus you’ll have on each individual’s wellbeing. We’ll develop a closer relationship because I work with no more than 12 clients per week.

Learn how much it would cost for us to work together by filling out the form below.

The impact of saying yes will breach to all you surround. It is the positive ripple effect that naturally happens with the Laws of Attraction. As you become clear on your gifts, you will naturally be able to help others. If you want to turn this into a career, I will support you in doing so. It is the positive ripple effect that everyone seems to be grateful for.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours? Let’s take the first step together and see what YOU can conquer. Apply for one-on-one coaching by filling out the Discovery Form.