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Get ready for a lifestyle designed by your purpose.
It’s about being the best expression of who you are. I will not tell you what to do, but I will empower you to live a life with purpose. Together, we can make the world a better place. Join me on this quest.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

True Stories

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“Working with Brandi both personally and professionally has brought more clarity into my life. To be able to see beyond fear and doubt as well as identifying my why. I could not have asked for a better person to work with. She shows nothing but passion and compassion in what she does. She will always be dear to my heart and a friend forever. Mahalo nui loa Brandi for all that you have done and will do.”

Leonard Keao, IT Consultant

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“The best of the best athletes have coaches. Even Michael Jordan had a coach! I’m no Michael Jordan, but at a time where I needed new direction I discovered Brandi. Her compassionate empathic abilities paired with a wealth of knowledge played a huge role in guiding me to shift perceptions that allowed miraculous change into my life. I call her an earth angel because she has allowed me to reflect on my natural gifts and live a more purposeful life.”

Brittney Higuchi, Civil Engineer

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“Brandi puts her mind, heart and soul into each ONE of our SESSIONS. She has helped me move forward in my personal and overall life by creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. Highly recommended to anyone that needs that extra push in life for greater purpose.”

Michael-Vitally Vernon Champion Athlete, Fitness Coach and Model, Philanthropist

There’s nothing more special than being able to help others through my gifts and helping them to not only see their gifts but to master it, to build confidence, prosperity and purpose in their life that only they were meant to do.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo
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“I have learned to value my unique experience and expertise and embrace that although different, my path is no less important or influential. Priceless! Positive, relevant, constructive, comprehensive, balanced.  I hope to make an impact by paying forward my knowledge, expertise and solutions for the good of our ocean, our earth and ourselves.”

Lynn Sutherland, Ocean Educator, Conservationist & Founder of OceanCore

“With Brandi’s guidance, I’ve learned how to improve my finances, clear negative energies/blockages, find proper nutrition that works, how to serve others that aligns with my values in life, and many tools to help me evolve into my highest self! My experience with Brandi has been a great awakening and reassessment to what actions I take in my life. Brandi has helped me to expand on the best parts of me, and I want to spread that contagious encouragement with others!”

Ian Garcia, Car Detailer

I am excited to meet my clients in every session to help them achieve their goals. I feel incredibly empowered to help them in all areas of their life, because there is a trust that has been established to do my job, which is my purpose, and that gives me incredible value to life. Being able to help others in this manner is the best feeling in the world.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

“Opening up yourself to someone else can make you feel vulnerable, yet so free. I learned that in order for me to see myself I must allow others to see me as well. I enjoyed Brandi’s definition of success, and her evaluation of what she saw in me.”

— Brandon, 22, Self-Employed

I learned that I feel really good when I talk about things on my mind and that I need to take a little more control of my life and myself to do what I know is best for me and my family. I really enjoyed meeting you, Brandi, and taking steps to get a better balance in my life so that I can be the best person I can be.”

— Rosanna, 35, Archaeologist

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I believe the relationship I build with my clients is sacred and lies deeper than friendship, or family…I’m honored to assist them on their journey. It’s the greatest feeling to be apart of their success and witness them soar-beyond their own belief.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

“I had just finished my associates and making decisions about what to do next. I originally thought Brandi was a dietician and we wound up discussing a lot more than food. One of the questions she asks is when were you most happy and I am working toward that time being the present. Only had one (consultation) so far and a brief follow up but i think there is a lot of potential to learn from this lady. I liked how they were fun and informative and had ideas i could follow up on pretty much immediately. Eye-opening. I actually have recommended her to one friend already. ”

— Mark, 36, USA Full-Time Student

“Ok. Kiana saved my life and helped me more than I could’ve ever imagined. She didn’t just help me in 1 aspect of my life, but in my whole life. I have never been happier and if I had continued down the same path I was going I never would’ve met the sweetest woman I have ever met in my life. Kiana is a life saver and I owe everything to her. Do yourself a favor and do the consultation. You won’t regret it. I know I don’t!!!”

— Kaukahi S.

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Do not waste your time and money on the same appointments that has not worked with you in the past, start with an Holistic Consultation and see what change can happen quickly today.

Stop depending on physicians who see you as another $ in which you share confidential information about yourself only leading to another prescribed pill and another follow-up visit that racks up your bill, wreaks havoc on your health without receiving the help that you yearn for.

Invest in holistic life coaching with Brandi Kiana-Jo which empowers you with real information, practical and spiritual advice that guides you on a step-by-step process on how you can take control of your life and soar like never before. Working with Coach Brandi one one one ensures a real relationship in which every session is personalized to your needs and desires.

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“Her business card says it all, “We met for a reason.” I felt that way about her the moment I heard her present at a networking event and immediately knew that I wanted to hire her to work with my teenage daughter who was recovering mentally, emotionally and physically from a recent brain injury. In the back of my mind I thought to myself, I’d love to work with this woman in the future. Fast-forward her completing her assignment with my daughter and I ended up hiring her as my coach as well. Funny how things work out that way.

Brandi has the kind of energy and soul that is filled with such compassion and wisdom. Don’t let her youthful look fool you... speaking with her you just get a sense that she’s been here before, many times over. She’s such a beautiful, old soul. She’s kind, patient and always smiling. Very intuitive, some may call it psychic. Whatever it is... she’s spot on.

I recognized a shift in my daughter’s confidence and her communication after working with Brandi. Brandi also helped to draw out her creativity as she was always an artsy, crafty kind of kid. Thank you Brandi for helping to nurture her back to mental, emotional and spiritual alignment so that she could continue to heal physically.

My experience in working with Brandi has been such an awesome and life changing event for me. Her guided writing exercises helped me to acknowledge and embrace my life passions which were really just confirmations of what we already know abut ourselves deep down inside. Her work has helped me to get through the limiting beliefs I had about myself that were keeping me in a state of stagnant growth which was preventing me from tapping into my true potential for everything that I have yet to do in this life.

The transformation I’ve made since working with her has opened up so many personal and business opportunities because of the more confident, compassionate, self-aware mother, wife and business owner I have become. This was my first rodeo with a coach. Not many people ever think about hiring one and before meeting her had never considered it myself.

Going into this experience I just knew that I was ready to grow. I didn’t know how, wasn’t really ready to admit why, had no idea what to expect and certainly didn’t realize who I would become once I stepped outside of my comfort zone at each session and just allowed the process to unfold without resistance. The result, I have more clarity, vision and the tools I need to build upon the legacy my husband and I will leave for our children.

I’d totally recommend working with Brandi and learning more about all the other incredibly charitable things she has going on in the community. Her visions and her dreams for what she plans to do in this lifetime is truly inspiring! Thank you Brandi for lighting the way.”

— Halona B

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