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Discover the Power Within

You’re here for either of these reasons:

1. You’re under some stress and want to talk to someone privately to work through it


2. You’re in a good area of your life but lack direction and looking for more clarity on how to move forward

Either way, you’d like to make a positive change in life.

Why we are to meet

  • Heal from past childhood or relationship traumas

  • Find relief, feel safe again and gain confidence

  • Reduce anxiety or eliminate depression

  • Get your life on/stay on track in being healthier and happier

  • Get clear on your career path and make more money

  • Feel empowered to be the best of you

  • Create a legacy that empowers the community (your family, friends and neighbors), your organization (business, school or church) and most of all, a story you’re proud of living and leaving behind.

One conversation can change your life.


You can be anywhere in the world in any time zone, as long as you wish to connect, all it takes is one step.



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cost & packages

There are different programs available depending on the transition you’re in and the journey you’d like to be on. From meeting just once to meeting biweekly in a 12-month program either one-on-one or something to share with your family or business, you can find the right package tailored to your needs and wants. What I offer is unique and there are different prices options, services and terms.

A coach with little to no experience will charge $20, $45 or $75 for 45 minutes. On average, experienced life and business coaching fees can range from $250 to 1 million per session. My sessions start at 60 minutes so I can assist you with as much as possible (life and business) every time we meet. My sessions are valued at $600 and up with up to $16k packages because of my client’s outcome and everlasting effect on others.

However, actual prices vary depending on the package you’re enrolled in. Find out what package would be best recommended for your journey by filling out the Discovery Form below. By filling out this form, you can schedule a time to meet by phone and we can find out if we’re a good fit to work together. You’ll learn more about the unique sessions I’ll have available at the time and how much it will cost. Sign up today and learn how I can assist you to get where you want to go.

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Lynn Sutherland, Ocean Educator, Conservationist & Founder of OceanCore

“I have learned to value my unique experience and expertise and embrace that although different, my path is no less important or influential. Priceless! Positive, relevant, constructive, comprehensive, balanced. I hope to make an impact by paying forward my knowledge, expertise and solutions for the good of our ocean, our earth and ourselves.”


Ian Garcia, Car Detailer

“With Brandi’s guidance, I’ve learned how to improve my finances, clear negative energies/blockages, find proper nutrition that works, how to serve others that aligns with my values in life, and many tools to help me evolve into my highest self! My experience with Brandi has been a great awakening and reassessment to what actions I take in my life. Brandi has helped me to expand on the best parts of me, and I want to spread that contagious encouragement with others!”


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Create a better self-care practice.

Find the right diet for you. Understand your cravings & heal faster naturally. Enhance your exercise regimen & love your body.

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Relieve stress and anxiety.

Understand the origin of your thoughts, words and behaviors to create healthier relationships that support your happiness.

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Earn more money + enhance your spiritual gifts.

Identify & overcome your obstacles and understand your purpose to lead a legacy.


It’s about being the best expression of you.
The journey we take together is a bond
we will never forget. I will share everything I know
to help you succeed and be the best that you can be.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo


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People that complete the program we had agreed upon and left content.

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Most impactful by providing the least amount of information when meeting for the first time.


Ideal for ages late 30’s to mid 50’s, (however, I have worked with ages 13-70).


take the first step

Find out how I can help you by filling out the Discovery Form.