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Invite Brandi to Speak at Your Organization

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Brandi Kiana-Jo

“I aim to make the world a better place with one conversation and one experience at a time.”

Example Topics for Speaking & Facilitating Workshops

  • Discover Your Purpose

  • Rejuvenating Hard Workers

  • Empowering Women & Strengthening Sisterhood

  • How to Build Resilience from Trauma

  • How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • How to Not Take on Other People’s Problems

  • Empowering Healthy Relationships (for men or women)

  • Building a Safer Drinking Culture: A Philanthropic Movement in the Prevention of Date Rape Drugs

  • Empowering Educators Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between the Community & Schools

From leading workshops to speaking engagements, I can discuss an array of topics to build comradery, help manage stress and empower others to express oneself authentically. Workshops may include guided meditation, partner or group exercises, guided writing or art exercises and/or aromatherapy. I can tailor a talk and workshop to meet your needs, schedule a Discovery Call to learn about my availability and speaking fees.

Amazing! Discovering that we each make a difference in each other’s lives. I learned that we were all once a part of something, but something brought all of us together + made us greater.
— Al, 32, Holiday Party at Rebound Hawai'i
Uplifting, valuable process of thinking (loved both the video & workshop!) I need to start implementing my visions now!
— Steph, Empowering Educators Workshop
I truly enjoyed how deep you made us dig into ourselves! The meditation opened my heart and mind!
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others at AmeriCorps