What's an Ambassador?
My mission is to create and unite leaders to make a positive impact in the economy, environment and society through art, culture and authentic expression.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

An Ambassador is someone Brandi has coached for a minimum of 3 months and have realized how to utilize their gifts to make a positive impact in the community.

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Brandi San Agustin
Ian Garcia

How would you describe your personality?

I’m very inquisitive and always looking for new ideas and experiences.

Tell us about yourself before your first consultation with Brandi:

Before Brandi I had a lot of dreams and aspirations that I knew were in my grasp, but I lacked the right practices and mindset to help me evolve and allow everything to happen organically.

What inspires you?

Being able to achieve personal breakthroughs through my actions, and having those actions inspire others!

How would you like to help other people through detailing people’s car? What do you do differently?

To help my clients by giving them high quality services, and great attention to detail.

What makes me different is my commitment to exceeding expectations and willingness to go the extra mile!

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Ian Garcia is an easygoing, intuitive, caring individual who effortlessly carries himself with the aloha spirit. He is a new entrepreneur that takes pride in detailing cars and giving service that establishes a genuine connection with the people he works with. He offers a mobile car detailing service with the option for small repairs and maintenance all in one stop!


What types of topics have you learned through holistic life coaching with Brandi?

With Brandi’s guidance, I’ve learned how to improve my finances, clear negative energies/blockages, find proper nutrition that work, how to serve others that aligns with my values in life, and many tools to help me evolve into my highest self!

What have you learned about yourself? How has your perspective changed since working with Brandi?

I have learned that the more I focus on what I have, versus my lack of, I am way more abundant than I assumed I was. With Brandi, I’ve learned to take joy in the “process”, as the journey to success is where the best parts of life is!

Describe your overall experience working with Brandi and/or how do you want to make a positive impact?

My experience with Brandi has been a great awakening and reassessment to what actions I take in my life. Brandi has helped me to expand on the best parts of me, and I want to spread that contagious encouragement with others!

It’s about being the best expression of who you are. I will not tell you what to do, but I will empower you to live a life with purpose.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo
Brandi San Agustin
Lynn Sutherland

How would you describe your personality?

I am an intuitive person with a good dose of logic, and practicality. I am compassionate & creative, a natural mentor and teacher, with a passion for providing ocean information and solutions.

Tell us about yourself before your first consultation with Brandi

In a word, stuck.  I was recovering from a failed dream, doing something I thought I'd never have to do again and not knowing what to do next, or even what I really wanted to do. I knew I had some blocks that were keeping me from truly moving forward and discovering my true calling. But, I didn't know how to, or have the tools to, move past them and not let them continue to block my path, and my future.

What inspires you?

I believe that people want to know and want to do better for our oceans and our planet. I am most inspired when I am able to share information that motivates a positive change, no matter how small.

What types of topics have you learned through holistic life coaching with Brandi?

Most important have been self-awareness, varied coping and processing mechanisms, and healthy body and soul.

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Lynn Sutherland is a charismatic, detail-oriented, fun and intelligent person who is passionate about educating people on how to have a better connection with our oceans that impact our world. She brings great ideas that are simple and easy to incorporate in your everyday life! She is an Ocean Educator, Conservationist and Founder of Ocean Core.


What have you learned about yourself? How has your perspective changed since working with Brandi?

I have learned to value my unique experience and expertise and embrace that although different, my path is no less important or influential.

Describe your overall experience working with Brandi and/or how do you want to make a positive impact?

Priceless! Positive, relevant, constructive, comprehensive, balanced.  I hope to make an impact by paying forward my knowledge, expertise and solutions for the good of our ocean, our earth and ourselves.

Together, we can make the world a better place. Join me on this quest.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo
Brandi San Agustin
Brittney Higuchi


The best of the best athletes have coaches. Even Michael Jordan had a coach! I’m no Michael Jordan, but at a time where I needed new direction I discovered Brandi. Her compassionate empathic abilities paired with a wealth of knowledge played a huge role in guiding me to shift perceptions that allowed miraculous change into my life. I call her an earth angel because she has allowed me to reflect on my natural gifts and live a more purposeful life.

Brandi generously devoted much time and energy into guiding my thoughts and beliefs as a sponsor during my journey through the preliminary Miss Hawaii USA 2018 pageant. I was so impressed with her ability to coach me, as she has quite the diverse skill set: through strutting the runway in heels to channeling my root chakra with foundation to the earth to mentally preparing for the pageant interviews.

She provided me with various opportunities to integrate, one I like to call: validating my own parking ticket. Or acknowledging each step I take. Whether it is taking the step to be courageous in the presence of fear, taking the step to run for a preliminary Miss Hawaii, or taking the step to fold my laundry. Honoring each step, there is no need for external validation; I validate my own parking ticket! Although I did not take home a crown, I actually won an even greater prize: infinite free parking!!

There’s a lot you can learn from Brittney!

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Get ready to unfold and become the best expression of who you are and who you’ve always wanted to be.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

Brittney Higuchi is a civil engineer at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.  She is a kind-hearted, joyful, silly and compassionate woman who is also detail-oriented and hardworking. From water conservation, building community projects to inspiring others to breakthrough depression, she shares an incredible passion to help others. She has worked with Brandi in various ways from partnering with Empowering Educators Workshop in Spring 2018, attending Girlfriends!, to receiving a 7-10 Photo Shoot and Holistic Life Coaching for Miss Hawaii USA Pageant in 2018. Brittney ended up winning Miss Popularity in the pageant!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to know and work with Brandi in a variety of settings. I first discovered Brandi and her services in a Natural Awakenings newsletter. To justify the quote written in her ad, YES!! We absolutely did meet for a reason.


What an amazing opportunity to network and authentically connect with like-minded women. I am impressed with Brandi’s ability to organize, collaborate, and lead interactive group discussions. I especially admire her ability to collaborate with other leaders and provide unique, creative opportunities for self-reflection. I have attended a couple of Girlfriends! Events, and each one was very different. Through various experiences, activities, and topics covered- I always take home profound new messages. Like ideas to implement self-love or new meditation techniques. Am also a fan of Brandi’s selection in the small details, like healthy yummy treats for the tummy paired with heart-full social fun for the soul.


Event- Project WET/ Empowering Teachers Workshop:

I had the opportunity to also partner and work with Brandi in a workshop called PWET (Project Water Education for Teachers). The program allows teachers to earn free credit and supplies educators with activity curriculum that meet Hawaii’s new science standards.

Brandi led a portion of the event with an Empowering Educators Workshop. She presented a screening of the documentary, Most Likely to Succeed, and led a powerful writing exercise and group discussion. Although the event and partnership was the first of its kind, coordination was streamlined and smooth because of Brandi’s straightforward thinking and prompt communication skills. Brandi was very organized, and effectively led teachers to reflect on their beliefs and how that translates into the classroom.

As our actions are deeply rooted in the mindset we develop growing up, my vision was to develop a water conservation program for children through PWET. I wanted to share with teachers not just PWET material, but the tremendous platform they hold to create great impact for the future. Similar to Girlfriends!, Brandi facilitated self-reflection through group instruction, which allowed teachers to recognize their power as educators and allowed the PWET facilitators to more authentically connect with the audience.

Brandi San Agustin
Leonard Keao

 Bridging the gap and implementing solutions; as long as I’m covered, I don’t need to inflate my costs- I don’t want to be a follower and compete in that sense. I just want to offer my services at a fair price.  I’m not a salesperson. They’ll get to know who I truly am and I'll get to know who they truly are. I enjoy connecting with people on a deeper level; a personal and emotional level and build a relationship by being open and honest in conversation two-ways.

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I just want you to see all the beauty I see in you.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

Leonard Keao, Founder of Keao Technology Solutions, Business IT Consultant and Vice President of West O’ahu Professionals Network. As an IT Consultant, Leonard specializes in network infrastructure and server/client environment.

Leonard is a sensitive, warm-hearted and lovable guy. He's a leader by nature, attentive to detail and believes strongly in working with the aloha spirit.

After experiencing Brandi’s sessions and moving forward, I am motivated to build my business and reach out to more people. I want to give them satisfaction; make them happy by addressing all of their concerns with transparency, educating them on current problems and offer strategic solutions. I want them to have a pleasant experience, to know I’m easy to work with and things will get fixed.


Working with Brandi both personally and professionally has brought more clarity into my life. To be able to see beyond fear and doubt as well as identifying my why. I could not have asked for a better person to work with. She shows nothing but passion and compassion in what she does. She will always be dear to my heart and a friend forever. Mahalo nui loa Brandi for all that you have done and will do.

Brandi San Agustin
Michael Vitally

Michael Vitally Vernon is a champion athlete in the fitness industry as a coach and model. He had obtained his Master’s degree in Business Finance at Hawaii Pacific University.

Michael has spoken at Brandi’s Empowering Educators Workshop in 2017 in O’ahu, Hawai’i and Michael would be happy to speak at your school or other organization.

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It’s about the evolution of who you are.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo

Michael was an orphan in Ukraine until he was adopted at 12 years then moved to Central California. He had started a nonprofit called Ambitious Youth Incorporated to help “at-risk” kids. He says,“Kids are our future. What we do will make the change in the future.”

After working with Brandi, Michael has volunteered to donate his time to speak to 3 schools to empower teenagers about being resilient in achieving their dreams. 

Brandi puts her mind, heart and soul into each ONE of our SESSIONS. She has helped me move forward in my personal and overall life by creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. Highly recommended to anyone that needs that extra push in life for greater purpose.

He’s inspired to help orphans and young kids to be good examples for others. Michael makes yearly visits to an orphanage in Ukraine, “I can relate to the orphans because I know what it’s like and it reminds me to be humble and level-headed.” Contact Michael directly to come speak at your organization!

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Brandi San Agustin